42.50 - CD

"This CD rocks, rolls, gets bluesy and then rips your heart out with love songs that quite possibly will make you weep."---gyrlgroove

Never A Long Way Home - CD

Having long since hit her stride, Steff Mahan's third CD successfully captures her witty, charming and soul-wrenching gifts. Steff needs no overproduction. This CD was taken into the studio and recorded live, and it emotionally delivers the cathartic moods of the songs. The listener is taken on a soulful journey mirroring the ups and downs of life. Narrated by the beautiful singing voice that so eloquently composes life's most important moments, this CD is bound to move any listener.

Steff Mahan - CD

Steff tells her stories like noone else.  Before you know it, you are so immersed in the words of each song that you find that you have been in those situations yourself at one time or another.  She can make you laugh one minute and tear up the next, but her songs come from her heart and you can tell with each one.  This CD is not different.  You will love each cut and be able to relate to everyone of them.

Where I'm Coming From

Steff's 4th CD will grab you on the first note and keep you mesmerized to the end of the CD.  Her heartfelt songs of love, life and the pains of loss of love is so brilliantly put to words.  Only Steff could put them in such an elegant way.


This CD was a long time coming.  Deemed to be the best one yet.  It was one of her hardest, yet emotional cleansing collection of songs.  Wanting to make this CD exactly what she felt her fans deserved and wanted, it took time to make sure each crafted word and musical note were exactly where they were supposed to be.  


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